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Job of the Day

For Graduates: Late Night Dance Graduate Intern
For Undergrads: UX Designer, Research Park

NCSA SPIN Fellowships for Undergraduates 

This is a fantastic opportunity--get paid to conduct your own research project. Meet advisors at the open house: 3-5 pm on August 28th, 1205 W Clark St. in Urbana. Applications are due September 4th.

Former FAA SPIN Fellows & Projects

Theater: Austin Lin. interactive performance systems. 

Graphic Design: Stacie Sansone. information design and interface concepts for complex data.  AND Lauren Blackburn. visualization techniques for medical and farming data

Architecture: Colter Wehmeier. digital workspaces, presentation techniques, and  virtual environments. 


This semester we are encouraging departments to transition from multiple job boards to I-LInk. So check weekly for job postings.

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Mentorship can make the difference between a smooth or bumpy transition into the professional world. For additional networking opportuntiies, be sure to connect with your alumni LinkedIn group. There are over 2,800 members and counting!

Higher Education Jobs in Music 2013-2014

Read our summary of 2013-2014 job postings as they appeared in the NEC Bridge Database to get an idea of the market by concentration and tenure track vs. adjunct.

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