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Writing Cover Letters

Resumes, CVs, Teaching Philosophy, + Business Cards

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Use, and to determine your worth on the market.

Asking for References

Make sure to ask people if they'll be a good reference for you. Some time might pass between job applications so let them know each time you're calling upon them to help you, and let them know something about the details of the position. It's easier for a reference to help you when they know what each employer is looking for. If you get married and change your name, tell your references!

Online Portfolio Resources

You should have an online portfolio. Use one of these templates to get started


Grant Writing & Self-Promotion

Elevator Pitches

Maybe you'd like someone to donate space for your class or performance. Maybe someone has aked "why should I hire you?" Either way, you should know how to pitch an idea in 30 seconds or less to someone outside your industry. Read this article on the art of the elevator pitch.

Reference Letters Service

Graduate students who need to maintain a dossier including letters of reference may be interested in the new service provided by Vitae. It is free, but log-in is required.

Software Tutorials

Illinois provides FREE online tutorials to students using (scroll down to find Lynda).